This work is the training record of the true Mao women who trained the SM secret circle "slave club". In the slave club, the trainer, Mr. ROMI kazami participated, and the other SM circle tried the severe blame by the devil who cannot taste. This time, "animal ol kuumi" is a true maso woman who was renowned for the slave club by the order of the man of the mania of the owner, and it is still an unpleasant person who has been fascinated by the cruelty of the cruelty though it is a still It is a real masochist who was trained as a female domestic animal to the owner. The request from the owner is "not only use it as a member's maso toy and the sexual treatment toilet bowl, but want to satisfy Kumi's bitter cruelty in the devil fold". The members smiled, peeked with passion and drove the girl into the depths of pain and surrender. In this work, I carefully selected the times of strict training. Please enjoy the real SM world that cannot be seen absolutely in the other.